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Welcome to D&K Craft fairs a Wiltshire based business established in September 2007 in Lacock promoting and supporting British Arts and Crafts in the South West of England.

Organising numerous craft events throughout the year with the sole purpose of providing fledgling and established craftsmen, artists, designers and makers a place to display and sell their products and gain exposure and recognition for their works without having to compete with mass produced and bought in goods.

General Booking Conditions

Your Stall:
• Your stall consists of a table/s or space of the size you have booked. Tables and Chairs are provided
• Stand space is let to the exhibitor stated and must not be sub-let to any other party.
• Special requirements such as access to power sockets, additional space, etc. must be requested at the point of booking; Provision cannot be guaranteed but will be provided where available and on a first come first served basis.

Set-up and presentation of stalls:
There will be strictly no admittance to the venue before the stated set-up time.
We plan the allocation of spaces carefully, prior to each event. Under no circumstances should there be any request to switch tables, so please confirm any special requirements you may have prior to the event.

• Stalls must be fully set-up 10 minutes before the event starts
• All tables must be covered to the floor on 3 sides and be well presented
• All electrical appliances you bring must have a sticker stating it has been PAT tested.
• You may display your work in any way you choose, but please ensure that any display racks/shelves, lighting or signs are stable and secure and will not cause any hazard or obstruction to other sellers or public visitors.
• Do not move your table. The tables have been set out to provide entry and exit spaces for each exhibitor to access their stall and to provide as much room as possible for visitors to make their way round the hall
• Please also be thoughtful about the position of any low level signs or displays that protrude from your stall. You may be asked to reposition items that could potentially cause obstruction. We require your full co-operation in this matter; for the safety and protection of your stock, you’re fellow traders and your customers.
• Stalls must not be dismantled until the advertised time of the end of show. To pack up and leave prior to closure of any event can result in cancellation of other bookings with no refund and refusal of future bookings.
Trading standards:  All exhibitors must clearly display their name and address on the stands.
• All exhibitors selling food items must provide a current food hygiene certificate with their booking
Children: under the age of 14 years are not permitted to remain at the stall during market trading hours.

Behaviour: Traders and/or their helpers must conduct themselves in an orderly manner and must not use obscene language. Abusive or anti-social behaviour whilst on site, by traders or by anyone associated with that person, will result in instant dismissal from the event. Abusive behaviour, either verbal or written, towards D&K Craft Fairs staff, will not be tolerated and will result in instant dismissal from event and any future events.

Insurance: Each Trader is responsible for the provision of their own public liability insurance and for the safety of their stall and it’s products. A copy of the Trader’s insurance certificate and/or insurance policy is required on booking or bring it with you when you attend, failure to do so will mean you cannot attend.

Every trader shall participate in the fairs/markets entirely at his or her own risk in every respect, and shall absolve Debora Burr and D&K Craft fairs from responsibility for such risks, including personal injury, loss or damage to property: however this injury, loss or damage may be caused whether by fire, theft, inclement weather, interruption of power, defect in the equipment and building or failure of subcontractors or agents to perform.

D&K Craft fairs cannot be held responsible, and its exhibitors absolve it from any responsibility, for loss of profits, for damage or theft of traders stock, interruption of power or services, or failure of press advertisement fully contracted to appear, inclement weather and failure of sub-contractors or agents to perform, which may result in loss to Traders.
D&K Craft fairs does not provide insurance cover for theft or damage to Traders stock and recommends that they take adequate insurance against all risks. It is a condition of booking that exhibitors absolve Debora Burr and D&K Craft fairs from any responsibility for refunding fees paid by them except as specified under these conditions.

You will find links to insurance companies who specialise in craftsmen insurance on our links page.

D&K Craft Fairs does not take any responsibility for the companies service and only has these links on the website as a guide to traders.

As with any event, we cannot guarantee visitor numbers but we will do our utmost to ensure that you have a successful fair, but bad weather or interruption of power or services is out of our control.
With continued web presence, social networking radio and advertising, we hope 2016 will prove to be successful year for all involved.

D&K Craft Fairs reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.

Booking a table with us constitutes your acceptance of our terms and conditions.

January 2016

Please read the following booking terms and conditions carefully. See each venue for specific terms and conditions attaining to the venue/event. Full terms and conditions will be sent out with booking forms.

New traders: New traders need to fill in the application form on the relevant event page with details of what they intend to sell, with photographs or a link to your website, and to check availability of stalls prior to booking.

No bookings are taking until we have seen your work.- we want to make sure your work is suitable for our events and that we do not book too many similar crafts. Nothing worse than turning up to find you are competing with several people who do exactly the same thing as you.

Confirmed bookings: Will only be accepted once full payment and all the appropriate information and  paperwork has been received.  Verbal bookings are not accepted; we can however confirm availability of space at time of the call.

Right to refuse: The event organisers reserve the right to refuse any application or refuse further bookings from an individual without explanation

Sale item: Your booking will be taken on the basis of the information given. You will not be able to display or sell items not listed or which the organiser feels to be inappropriate.

Insurance: All Stall holders must have their own Public/Product liability insurance.
Please send a copy with your booking form or bring it with you when you attend failure to do so will mean you cannot attend.
It is your personal responsibility to ensure you trade legally and safely at all times.

Payment Options: By bank transfer, Pay Pal, Cheque or by credit card over the phone

Can we pay on the day of the event?
 The simple answer is NO.
• D&K Craft fairs will not confirm a booking without holding both the booking form and the payment.
• We accept payment by bank transfer Pay Pal, Cheque OR Credit Card.  Bank transfers, Pay Pal and Credit Card payments can be made immediately so even if taking a late notice stall space, there is no problem with arranging payment.If we do not hear from stall holder and payment is not forthcoming 4 weeks before the event we will allocate the space to someone else. It is your responsibility to make sure payments are up to date.

£5 Deposit system: Booking multiple dates can be secured by making a £5 non-returnable deposit for each date required.
•The first date booked is to be paid in full with a £5 non-returnable /non-transferable deposit  Put in place, to secure any other further dates  (£5 for each additional event).
•The balance for each event is to be paid 4 weeks before each event. A invoice will be issued by D&K Crafts with a details of how to pay.

Cancellation of booking: Cancellation earlier than six weeks prior to event booked – We will do our best to refund your payment but only on the condition an alternative stall holder/s can be found. If alternative stall holders can be found then a small admin charge of £5.00 per stall  per date booked will be charged. (This does not include the £5.00 deposit to secure any dates you may have made)
• Cancellations for any reason 4 weeks prior or less to event booked is non-refundable.
• Immediate table price is required after cancellation to secure the next date you have booked and not paid for.

Cancellation of craft fair/event:
D&K Craft fairs will put in place all reasonable plans to ensure that the event goes ahead as advertised. However, we cannot be held responsible for events which are outside our control which lead to a change in, or cancellation of the fair. In the unlikely event of the fair being cancelled or the venue being unavailable owing to circumstances beyond our control we will endeavour to arrange another date in the near future and issue a refund in the way of a credit note for a future event.