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Welcome to D&K Craft fairs a Wiltshire based business established in September 2007 in Lacock promoting and supporting British Arts and Crafts in the South West of England.

Organising numerous craft events throughout the year with the sole purpose of providing fledgling and established craftsmen, artists, designers and makers a place to display and sell their products and gain exposure and recognition for their works without having to compete with mass produced and bought in goods

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We have no affiliation with any of the insurance companies below and provide links only to help you see what is on offer.

IMPORTANT – All insurance policies have exclusions so make sure you have a good look through to understand what you are and aren’t covered for.  Also some of the policies may only cover selling at events and shows and not online or trading from commercial premises not from home so double check the small print.  When in doubt ask before you buy. Also don't forget to notify your home insurer if you start to run a business from home or it could invalidate your policy.