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Performers, Workshop tutors:

At some of our events we like to offer performers and workshop tutors a chance use our events to showcase what you can do.If you are interested please do get in touch even if we do not have anything at present to offer you, if we have your details on file we may be able to offer you something in the feature or point you in the direction of someone who could benefit from what you do.


Are you considering hosting events at a venue, show ground or town centre?

We are well known for our warm and friendly welcome to shoppers and exhibitors alike, high footfall, quality handmade arts and craft events.
With our events there’s ample opportunity for us to work together and help your brand get noticed before, during, and even after our events! Our audience is a diverse group made up of locals, business owners, tourists, families, and curious shoppers.

More than a craft fair D&K Craft Fairs offers an opportunity for the public and community to meet the makers. You can expect to see a wide variety of uniquely talented arts and crafts traders.

We welcome all ideas for sponsorship inquiries. We are happy to discuss and find the right fit for your organization, brand or product, and we’re more than happy to create a custom sponsorship option based on your needs and ideas.

Over the coming months we will also be offering a 4 tier sponsorship at pre-fixed prices great for those wanting to get involved but would like to buy a package deal to suit their budget.

We always welcome enquiries.

We take pride in our professional approach and attention to detail but we’re especially proud of the great atmosphere and friendly welcome you’ll find at each D&K event.

We have built up a great relationship with exhibitors (some who have been with us the 9 years we have been trading) and shoppers alike and we feel that is what makes our events so special, and it’s why exhibitors and visitors come back year after year.

In the past we have organised craft marques with up to 60+ stalls at steam rally's along with events held in garden centres and local fairs.

This year we are proud to be part of the Wiltshire Armed Forces & Veterans Celebrations weekend on 25th - 26th June in Trowbridge and will be bringing in a range of fabulous stalls to add to the occasion.

With a data base of several hundred highly talented Artists, Designers, Craftsmen and producers we are sure we will be able to offer you something a little bit different to add to your venue or event.

If you would like D&K Craft Fairs to organise a totally handmade high quality crafts event, please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be more than happy to offer our services.