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Welcome to D&K Craft fairs a Wiltshire based business established in September 2007 in Lacock promoting and supporting British Arts and Crafts in the South West of England.

Organising numerous craft events throughout the year with the sole purpose of providing fledgling and established craftsmen, artists, designers and makers a place to display and sell their products and gain exposure and recognition for their works without having to compete with mass produced and bought in goods.

Bradford on Avon Wiltshire

The historical view from the main bridge incorporates the hill above the town which is dotted with the old weavers' cottages and the river bank flanked with the 19th-century former cloth mills. Any visitor to Bradford-on-Avon will find out that walking uphill is inevitable sooner or later, so don't forget to bring some sensible shoes! With delightful shops, accommodation; restaurants, tearooms and inns; river; canal and most of all an amazing history we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Our Meet the Makers Craft Fair takes place in St Margaret’s Hall located in the heart of Bradford-on-Avon next to the river.

How to get there
By Road - Bradford on Avon is only 18 miles from the M4 motorway which links Wiltshire with London and Bristol and only 8 Miles from Bath and 3 miles from Trowbridge via A363
By Train - There is a railway station at Bradford on Avon, situated within walking distance of the town itself and just 4 mins for St Margaret's Hall. The station is only one stop from the World Heritage City of Bath (19 min) and serves the West Country and Wales with links to London from Westbury  
By Bus - Local buses mainly run by First Bus, contact www.firstgroup.com


A bit about Bradford On Avon

Bradford on Avon is sometimes described as a kind of 'mini-Bath' - but we think its unique position on the edge of the Cotswold's facing the River Avon gives it a magical appeal. Once seen, never forgotten, Bradford on Avon is an architectural treasure chest. Its ranks of dwellings, from tiny weavers' cottages to grand clothiers' houses; handsome public buildings and places of worship and its ancient alleyways and modern estates, reflect the town's development from Iron Age settlement to 21st century working town.

The Town Bridge (shown in the image left) crosses the 'broad ford' on the Avon which is the origin of the name Bradford on Avon. There may have been a wooden or tree bridge over the ford in Saxon times but the Normans built the first stone bridge.

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